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Open Wonderland

Poor communication is a major cause of unanticipated patient death and illness within the UK health care sector. This poses a social imperative to provide more effective approaches to communication skills training within Higher Education health care courses that often support high student numbers. This project, funded by a  JISC Learning and Teaching Innovation Grant, will develop and evaluate scalable models of teaching and learning that exploit the unique functionalities within the Open WonderlandVirtual World (VW) platform to enhance written and verbal communication skills amongst health care learners.

Previously funded projects and most work in the VW field has focussed upon on-campus learning or distributed learning accessed from home. An aspect of this project will explore and articulate the challenges involved in using an VW to support in-work training within a local NHS Trust.

The specific attributes of the Open WonderlandVW platform may provide a transformative solution to scalable and distributed communication skills development. We have invested in a server architecture with a view to supporting an extensible application of this technology within health care courses.


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